Baffi & Mo — Redfern

With Movember now in full swing, it seems appropriate that I should find myself lunching at a place named named Baffi (Italian for moustache) & Mo. But as I scan the cafe, I sadly notice nary a whisker is in sight and my PR brain tells me there was a missed promo opp. That is, until I spot a tower of a burger pass me by. All non-food related thoughts fall away as more basic senses take over. Food. Now.

But lately I’ve had a weakness for all-day brekkie so after briefly flirting with the idea of devouring that bad-ass burger, I commit to the comfort of ordering one of Baffi & Mo’s signature brekkie dishes instead.

hash stack with salmonPotato hash stack topped with a poached egg, asparagus, avocado and smoked salmon

There are a few things in life that simply and sometimes inexplicably bring you happiness. Popping bubble wrap is one of those things but if bubble wrap were to have a food cousin, it would be the poached egg. There’s something magical about pressing your fork against the skin of an uncooked yolk and watching its lovely orangey insides cascade down onto your plate. Mmm..!

Baffi & Mo’s hash stack had an almost perfectly poached egg and the dish was good but I’ve been here in the past and sadly, when there’s something better to compare it to, the meal didn’t seem as great. The components were merely ingredients stacked atop each other. While visually interesting, the hash stack lacked flavour and was a little stiff. In contrast, the aspargus was a little over-cooked and soft.

baked eggsBaked eggs with sobrasada, roast capsicum, mozzarella & grilled bread

Although there’s nothing more satisfying than popping a perfectly poached egg (say that 10 times fast), something has to be said for Baffi & Mo’s baked eggs. Slightly thicker and gooier than the poached alternative, the baked eggs were ready to be scooped up by crusty and warm (though slightly burnt) bread. Served in a cast-iron pan on a wooden chopping board, the dish has a rustic feel of comfort. I think they used to serve this with sourdough bread. A thick slice of sourdough would have completed this dish for me!

macadamia nut brownieMacadamia nut brownie

Crunchy, crusty outside and fudgey chocolatey inside. om nom. A quarter of a slice was all I could fit of this decadent brownie!


Type: Iced coffee
Description: Coffee with extra milk and two scoops of ice cream.
Taste: The sweet ice cream balanced out the bitter espresso, kept it cooler for longer and made it extra thick and smooth.
Recommended? Oh yes.

Iced coffee

Recommend: Baked eggs, Brownies and Coffee
Don’t recommend: Hash Stack

Like: Friendly service, all-day brekkie & split bills
Dislike: Slow service, plastic furniture that makes you stew in your own sweat on hot days

Would I eat here again? Yes. Gotta try those goliath burgers!

Baffi & Mo
94 Redfern Street
Redfern, NSW
Australia, 2016

(02) 8065 3294

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun, 7am-3pm

Baffi and Mo on Urbanspoon

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