N2 Extreme Gelato

A stroll down Chinatown’s pedestrian lane will find you curiously entranced by wafting fog that pours off bench-tops and into the street. A closer look will show beakers colourfully gleaming with intrigue. The laboratory-esque shop is a gelateria and if there’s a fine line between brilliance and madness, the folks at N2 Extreme Gelato found it…and subsequently built their shop on it.

N2 Extreme Gelato Shop Front

N2 Extreme Gelato kitchen aid mixer liquid nitrogen fog

Their trendy method of blending liquid nitrogen into an ice cream recipe isn’t just what sets N2 apart. Quirky flavours such as Thai Basil or Chinese cough medicine will keep you coming back to try each limited creation. Anatomy-themed decorations may send you outside to eat it..but luckily there’s a lovely patch of (greener-than-green-should-be) astroturf. Make any time Summer-time: sit yourself down and enjoy some of the creamiest, most decadent and authentically-flavoured gelato in Sydney!.

N2 Extreme Gelato earl grey flavour
These scoops were made for sharing. A scoop of Earl Grey Caramel ($6)

Recommended flavours: Buttered Popcorn (with real popcorn pieces!) & Earl Grey Caramel

N2 Extreme Gelato

43/1 Dixon St
Sydney, NSW
Australia, 2000

Opening Hours:

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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One Response to N2 Extreme Gelato

  1. Karl says:

    N2 Extreme Gelato is amazing…best place to eat ice cream in Sydney

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