A beverage like none other an aromatic infusion made by pouring hot boiling water to a powder like substance made out of leaves from an evergreen shrub native specifically to Asia. Known by the botanical term camellia sinensis and its common household name tea. Tea was first found in southwest China and used more for medicinal use. There after it became popular as a recreational drink and found its way to East Asia. Tea was introduced to the west by the Portuguese merchants later drinking tea became fashionable in England. They initiated commercialized production of tea in countries like Sri Lanka and India.

Tea is an evergreen shrub which grows mainly in the tropical and sub tropical climates. It is best when the plants are grown in elevations above sea level. Usually seeds or cuttings are used to cultivate plants and takes at least about 3 years before they are ready to be harvested. The plants which are mature enough for harvesting are usually pruned to waist height for two main reasons, one for the convenience of plucking and the other the most important is short plants having the capacity to produce more tender shoots enhancing the production of high quality tea leaves. Which is the deciding factor of the market price of tea.

About 30mg to 90mg of caffeine takes a lead in the chemical composition of 250ml of tea depending on its type, quality, brand and how it is brewed. The composition of tea also contains a certain amount of dietary minerals, and is known for its medicinal effects in helping in curing cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s decease and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Tea leaves are known for its medicinal benefits since its existence. It thus become the most commonly used beverage in the world.

Tea comes in many forms shapes and sizes, each unique with its flavour, taste and aroma. More over tea comes in many natural flavours such as fruit, mint, herbal etc. It is also available in the market in leaves, powder, syrup, essence and cordial forms. And packed in tins bottles jars and other fancy containers in the form of loose broken or powdered leaves or otherwise as tea bags. People have got used to many popular brands of tea which have been around for many years and take the trouble to look for their favorite brand in shops. After reading so much about tea isn’t it indeed a good time for a excellent cuppa tea?