Today there are several controversies surrounding the meat that are sold and how it is produced or reared. Studies show that, animals who are subjected to hormones and antibiotics during their rearing stage usually transmit these chemicals and drugs into the human systems when their meat and other products are consumed. For that reason, there is much emphasis on naturally reared cows and other animals whose meat is commonly consumed in most countries.

How cattle are raised

In most countries, especially decades ago, cows were allowed to graze in the pastures after which they were allowed to feed on fodder before they are slaughtered for the meat. Today, with the reduction in grazing pastures and more demand for meat and related animal products, the animal rearers have less option of allowing the cows and other animals to graze by the pastures and open fields. They are usually fed hay and are subjected to hormone injections to give them the growth stimulus which translates to more meat from each animal. They are also injected with antibiotics to prevent them from falling ill as they are reared in small spaces with several animals herded together. Visit 

Effects on people

Soon it was realized that, like the emphasis on naturally grown paleo food Australia, there is need to have the cattle organically reared. The changes that have come by in their rearing methods cause harmful effects. The hormones and antibiotic injections that are given to them affect their milk and meat which in turn affect the human beings who consume them. It is believed that these chemical additives lead to cancer and other diseases in human beings.

Stress on normal rearing methods

Today, more and more people are concerned about the quality of meat and other dairy and poultry products that they consume. As a result, there is stress on finding the meat of cattle that are naturally reared. These cattle need to be fed on green grass and allowed to graze in open fields. The absence of injections and drugs might make them prone to illnesses and reduce their milk giving capacity as well as the amount of meat, but the products are deemed to be more natural and nutritious for the consumers. 

A premier market segment

Even though more and more customers are stressing on naturally raised animal meat and products, the reality is that, with more mouths to feed, not every commercial animal rearer can afford to rare their cattle organically. The result is less milk and less meat and more time to get the products to the market, than the naturally grown organic coconut oil. Hence, people who are looking at natural solutions need to pay much more for these products and their availability is also limited.