Hens’ nights are also known as bachelorette nights and are thrown for the ladies who are going to get married in the weeks to come. Stag nights are the same but are organized for the men. The basic idea of such parties are to celibate their last night of being single. Usually for the hens night only girls are invited and same goes to the stag night as well. The bride and groom’s friends organize these parties to show love to their friend and to send them off happily to turn the new chapter of their lives. These parties can either be organized at houses or else outside. However these are organized at the bride’s/groom’s house or at a friend’s because then the event is very homely and can do all the decorations as the way they prefer.

Boys celebrate by having a cocktail party with their friends, and now facilities like the mobile cocktail bar hire services are available. They have customized mini bars that could be fixed anywhere. They nice in size and does not take a huge space to be fitted. People can walk in and order their favorite drink and gives the same feeling as they are at a bar. Boys after having a drink play games, have a pool party, a BBQ night, watch movies or get together and talk about all the memories they made in their years. These are memorable parties and definitely the groom feel loved by his friends for organizing him such a cool party.

On the other hand girls, they have cute bridal games and funny questions to be asked from the bride. Sometimes they bake a cake for the bride and then cut it and enjoy. They give a customized crown and a bridal veil to the bride as a gift. It is given to highlight the bride to be. Usually these parties are organized as to the theme of the wedding. They too have a good small bars in Surry Hills inside or outside the venue for drinks and serve food that the bride to be prefers the most. These nights are colorful and fun and also the bride’s maids to be are also highlighted in the event. They share the memories by putting up a big slideshow with the pictures of all of them took in the past years and these nights brings out so much of love to the bride to be and to her friends.

These are very special to the couple and become memories to cherish in the future.